Friday, December 13, 2013

Designer crush : PITCHOUGUINA


Just recently I got introduced to this London based label by the name of " PITCHOUGUINA ". 
And while reading the About section I couldn't but fall in LOve with the transparency & realness that comes with it. 

"Pitchouguina’ is a label based on emotions. It draws inspiration from everyday moments, everyday people, random words, awkward smiles and all the little things that can so easily go unnoticed. We aim to create wearable garments that will make memories and play a subtle but important part in our daily lives. With Russian roots and a studio in London we let our 
melancholic dreams inspire our clothing. By our own choice we are a little naïve, and maybe a little obsessed."

 This! And the healthy doses of my favorite tones of pink, the pastel colors, the shiny disco gold and those 
unique delicate details maybe have got me a little obsessed too!

x x

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