Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Legally blonde

AAVVA open back diamond dress, Zara bracelets, Bvlgari serpenti watch.

Channeling my inner legally blonde while playing dress up with the AAVVA boys and Lolla, was definitely the most fun
day I had while visiting Dubai last month. Big thank you to everyone who made my stay there an unforgettable one. I can't
wait to go back and see what the creative brains behind all the beautiful outfits I've been wearing in my latest posts are up to!

Photos: Muneer Moosa / edited by Me.
x x

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Put me in a LOve song

AAVVA top & skirt, Aldo pumps, Zara bracelet.

This top & skirt have been on my wishlist for months now, so you can only imagine how thrilled I was to finally get the chance to put them on. Also there's something about this outfit that makes me so feel powerful, I don't know if it's the color red, the warrior style shoulder pads or the way I (try to) stand in those heels.

Photos: Muneer Moosa / editing Me.
x x

Monday, May 12, 2014

Always greener on the other side

AAVVA Brazilian print dress, Zara bracelet.

I've always been convinced that I'm too tiny to wear long flowy dresses, unless there's some 10 inch high heels backing me up.
Not sure I'll ever do it again with no back up, but what I'm sure of is that it felt sooo damn good drowning in this dress.

Photos: Alex Kurian 
x x


Saturday, May 10, 2014

No rest for the wicked

AAVVA brazilian eyelet dress, Converse sneaks, Louis Vuitton speedy bag, bracelets from Zara, swarovski & Thomas Sabo.

Sometimes all you need is a little grey dress to help you get through a rough day. Between meetings, deadlines, getting stuck in Beirut traffic for God knows how long and ending up being late on whatever you're supposed to be doing. You could easily forget about the fun plans that you've made for the end of your stressful day. In my case this little brazilian baby was the help! A simple yet beautifully detailed eyelet dress was my perfect go-to for a super busy day. It can be easily styled from a day at work to a night out having dinner/drinks with friends, that you don't need to panic in finding the time to go home and change.

Photos: Muneer Moosa / edited by Me.
x x

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Coral affair

AAVVA lace jumpsuit, Zara heels.

Perfect outfit for a perfect day out in Dubai. Words cannot describe how much I'm in love with this beautifully made jumpsuit. 
I'm not usually too crazy about jumpsuits, I think they're lazy and kind of boring, but this delicate baby has broken all the rules!

Photography: Alex Kurian / edited by me
x x

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