Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Face talk with Mr. Bones

As much as I like to experiment in fashion, when it comes to skin care I'm the total opposite. I like to stick to my 
favorite products and use them religiously. Five years ago I ran into Mr. Bones in the cosmetics department at 
Selfridges in London. Back then I wasn't really keen on trying something new, but the professionals there were 
super friendly and helpful, we had a long chat and they gave me so many samples to try. After doing my research 
for a while and giving myself some time to try out those samples, I felt pretty sure that Keihl's was exactly what
 my skin needed. Being obsessed with everything natural, earth friendly, chemicals free, etc. choosing Keihl's didn't 
really take much time to think. Ever since then I've been using some of their products recurrently and always panic
 when my midnight recovery concentrate is about to get half empty. So you can just imagine my joy when I heard
 that Mr. Bones is finally on his way to Beirut!! Ahhh! No more waiting for friends coming from abroad to back me 
up or even worse - having to wait myself for the next rip I take. When I stopped by Kiehl's at ABC - Ashrafieh 
last week for a consultation session I was really impressed. The professionals here are just like their professionals 
anywhere else around the world, super super helpful and friendly and know exactly what they're talking about, not
 just rambling non sense in order to sell you their products like some do at skin care departments here unfortunately. 
So thank you L'oréal for finally bringing the lovely Mr. bones to town, I couldn't be any happier right now! 
If you're not quite familiar with the brand, make sure to stop by their shop at ABC - Ashrafieh to have a look at 
it closely and have a chat with the professionals there and discover yourself exactly what I'm talking about.

Photos: Elsa O & Me
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