Wednesday, November 2, 2016

It's a wonderful time for love

Zara bell-sleeve knit, Topshop MOTO mom jeans, Weekend Max Mara x Superga sneakers
Charles & Keith bag, Bourjois Rouge edition velvet lipstick, Bvlgari vintage watch.

It feels like forever that I haven't been on here writing and sharing some OOTDs with you guys, but by now I ran out of excuses. Let's just blame it on laziness (although I wish that was the case). Ok, now let me make one thing clear, I am a Summer person and will forever be. I never liked Autumn, because it's a transition phase that leads to Winter, and somehow is very depressing to me. But being in London at the moment, made me realize how wonderful and colorful Autumn can be, and it's the lack on real Autumn back home that makes all that process kinda depressing. I wore this outfit the other day for a day out spent with my love, he helped me take these pictures, then we went to have a yummy Italian lunch in Broadway Market. It was super sunny surprisingly, which made the day even more perfect and a good reason for a long walk in the park to help those carbs go down :)

I got this beautiful knit from Zara last summer during the sales, I kind of knew that bell-sleeves are gonna be a major trend this season. I just love how they give you a beautiful silhouette while making the arms look longer and slimmer, as well as adding a fun, dramatic statement to a simple basic outfit - like in my case here. Lately, I'm finding myself going more towards minimalism, and picking wisely key pieces and preferring quality over quantity. I guess that's a sign of growing up, ha! Also these Weekend Max Mara x Superga sneakers are my favorite thing at the moment, I love how simple yet elegant they are and how they can go perfectly with anything and anywhere. I actually found myself to have packed less shoes this time, because these babies matched up with almost everything in my suitcase. This is what we can call, the perfect must-have product!

I better leave you now guys, before I spend the whole day writing. I have so much to tell you, but I better keep it for upcoming posts in order not to bore you. Also, it's a beautiful sunny day outside, so I better go make some time to take more photos. 
Have a wonderful day wherever you are, and I'll write to you here again soon. 

Photos : Carlo Valentini / editing me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

In my shoes

Pablo shirt, Zara denim cutoffs, Charles & Keith bag, Mango shoes.

This post is for all the fashion victims out there, who are still unsure of - how to take the granny shoes trend.
 After sitting in our grannys' cosets for decades, these pumps are out there, taking the fashion streets by storm.
 And wether you like it or not, they are here to stay! Never in a million years I'd imagine myself wearing
 those kind of shoes. I'm not much of a heels gal, but when I do, it's always the higher the better.

Now the crime scene happened one rainy afternoon, while popping into Mango's 70% SALE - now isn't that
where all the fashion crimes happen?! Going up to the shoe section, I spotted those granny pumps laying on
 the shelves and wondered, will they still look ugly if I try them? As if I have some magical power to turn a fugly
 shoe into a Cinderella slip, not sure of the outcome but my slightly elevated silhouette was dancing on it's own to
 the beats of COMFORT!! I was trying not to drink that day, and kind of convinced myself that a 12 £ bill for
 shoes is much more important than a drink. And surprisingly it was! Not sure how my boyfriend will take my
 latest granny shoes purchase, I tried to hide but failed. So i innocently slipped into them, and asked him if he liked
my new shoes? He nodded and said " they're cute, I like them! " Hoorayyy!! Mission accomplished. If the boyfriend
 approves, then I don't care about the rest of the world! Now how are you taking this granny shoes trend?

Photos : Tiffany Homsi / editing me.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Make you sweat | Adidas x Stellasport

Adidas x Stellasport windbreaker Rose Jacket, tank top, sports tights, and glittery trainers.

Here is another favorite outfit from the Stellasport SS16 collection, I know this post came a little bit too late as opposed to my previous post here. But the file got lost in my HD, and I finally managed to track it back. The great news is that all of these items are now on sale, so if you liked any of them or maybe all of them as I did, hurry up go get them now at a bargain. Even though this is a Spring/Summer collection, this floral windbreaker will be staying with me for winter as comes pretty oversized and I can wear chunky stuff under it, plus the bright pop florals will add a life to my gloomy days. Don't you agree? Also don't forget to follow me on LookAve, where I am always posting my shop-able looks and my reviews on them. You can also ask me there for anything you'd like to know before purchasing a similar item.

Happy day and happy shopping lovelies!

Photos by Rudolf Azzi.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Adidas Originals x Rita Ora | Colour paint pack

Adidas Originals by Rita Ora is back yet for another season, with the first pack " Colour Paint " dropping this week in stores and online. And I'm totally obsessed! To be honest, Rita Ora is probably one of my favorite people collaborating with Adidas Originals at the moment. Her designs are always so unique, playful, and way ahead of their time. One can't help but feel like a trendsetter, while wearing one of her pieces. I for once can't wait to get my hands on those Tubular defiant shoes, as a matter of fact the whole outfit in photo number 1. What about you? What are your favorite pieces?


Sunday, August 7, 2016

Put the lime in the coconut | #LiveLoveTyre ♥

This post today is a major throwback, which goes to over two months ago. After a wonderful weekend well spent in my hometown, my dearest Moro took me to one last stop before we end our beach day, to show me this breathtaking hidden gem in the middle of the sea. It wasn't an easy job to get there, especially while carrying my DSLR in one hand and climbing rocks in the other. But after losing a flip-flop, and Moro almost losing his bag with his car keys inside, we managed to get back to the land safe and sound with lots of cool pictures taken. 

Today I'm writing this post while sitting by the bedroom window, overlooking a rainy gloomy miserable London. It gets me thinking that no matter how much love we've got for something, hate can always find its way! Like our love somehow is always overcome by hate to our own country as Lebanese, due to it's political corruption and instability.  And my love vs. hate relationship with London my home away from home, due to its depressing weather and lack of a real summer. Why life can't be as simple as the serenity I find whenever I am in my hometown? Where all I have to worry about is ; which bikini to wear tomorrow, and if the catch of the day will be Malli2a or Ajaj. I'm not usually a negative person, but I guess the lack of sunshine has really gotten over me. And after two great months spent in London with my love, I'm so ready to get back home. I hope you guys have a wonderful Sunday wherever you are, happy day :) 

Sundress from Cyprus, H&M hat and watermelon beach bag bag, Rayban clubmaster sunnies,
Soludos espadrilles via COMO store. 

Photos by Moro / editing me.
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