Extreme Beauty in Vogue

finally my BOOK has arrived! Weeeeee!!! =D

What exactly is beauty?! So endlessly pursued in recent years!!

When American VOGUE was asked to choose the most powerful pictures taken by 

it’s greatest photographers over the last eight decades — This was the outcome!!!

“Extreme beauty in Vogue” — The title itself conveys the sensational impact of photographs that 

are stamped in the collective imagination and have become the visual references of an era!

ERWIN BLUMENFIELD, Jean Patchett, January 1950.

IRVING PENN, Large Nude Woman seated “Epic Proportions”, April 2004.

IRVING PENN, Cult Creams, June 1996.

IRVING PENN, Beauty Treatment with Gauze Mask, December 1997.

IRVING PENN, Football Face, November 2002.

STEVEN KLEIN, Drama Cream, January 2002.

STEVEN KLEIN, intelligent designs — Remote control, January 2006.

STEVEN KLEIN, Medical Mistakes, May 2008.

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