Whatever happened to patient 67


Sadly my Styling course at Central Saint Martins has come to an end! ☹

It was such a great unforgettable experience, that I would possibly never forget.

For our final exam we were asked to come up with a whole photo shoot that would fit a London 

based magazine of our choice. So here it is, the project that i did with my LOvely team for our final.

Our story was inspired by the movie “Shutter Island”, where a girl attempts to escape from a Mental

 Institution trying to dig her way back to the real world & the transformations she encounters on the way.

As for the magazine we decided to go for “Dazed & Confused” as it was our best fit. It can’t get any more 

London than that! I hope you enjoy the story through the photos as much as we enjoyed creating them.

                         Photography byRima Musa
                           Styling: Souzana Baradie (Me)
        Sammia Dougman
              Romy Gordon & Parol
Model : Hailey

x x