Stella Jean

Stella JeanSpring/Summer 2014

Fashion week is undoubtedly a favorite time of the year for most. We all eagerly wait to see our favorite designers 

make magic happen, get inspired by street style photographs and discover the work of new coming designers. 

The latter is what I’m most interested in as I always find new designers to be very inspiring. They’re fresh, 

they’re new and they come with so much energy, anticipation and a dream to conquer the fashion world. 

And Stella Jean is one of them. This Italian/Haitian designer has been around for what is > than two years, 

yet every season she made sure not to leave the MFW runway unnoticed. With these voluminous skirts, 

and her African wax prints and mega stripes philosophy Stella made sure to leave everyone at WOW! 

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Source:  Honestly WTF