Every year in October, Breast Cancer campaigns in Lebanon target women to get tested because early

 detection can save thousands of lives. As a matter of fact, 90% of the cases are saved whenever the
 tumor is detected early. In this occasion, the Ministry of Health has launched a national campaign to
 create awareness, but for the first time the message has changed – watch the video & see for yourself 🙂

Unfortunately many of us have lost our beloved ones to the battle of Battle of Breast Cancer. So take 

a moment this month and remind the precious women in your life to go do their yearly check up. 

“She reminds you of everything.. Remind her of the Mommography” is this year’s breast cancer

 campaign slogan by Breast Cancer Lebanon. I personally LOve it so much! And I want to send
a big thank you for everyone there for all the hard work they put into this year’s campaign.
Now it’s your job to go and raise awareness too! 

Important notice : The campaign is be on until the end of December, enabling women across 

Lebanon to gain access to discounted mammography tests (40.000 L.L) at private hospitals 

and medical centers and totally free mammography tests at government hospitals.

For more info call : 1214

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