Before they make me run

Adidas performance “Studio Culture” long tank top and track suit pants, Zara sweatshirt, Adidas Originals

 ZX flux sneaks, Swatch watch, Rayban folding wafarers, bracelets from Links of London and ABC.

As much as I like to stay active, sometimes it’s almost impossible to keep up when you lead a busy life. So getting a new sports

 outfit can be a really great push to get you back on the right track. Though I might not be a big fan of the Gym, I do enjoy 

an outdoor activity such as running or a yoga session by the beach. Well I hope my enthusiasm will last me more than a 

week this time! What about you? How do you manage to stay active and what kind of sports do you enjoy the most? 

Photos: Elsa O / Editing me

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