A little piece of heaven

Azzi & Osta skirt and blazer, H&M shirt, D&G velvet clutch, Zara derbys, pearl earrings & bangle.

Even though I’m a boy’s girl most of the time, I still do enjoy letting the girly girl version of me come out to play once
 in a while. And honestly there’s no better reason for her to come out, other than to be dressed by my favorite boys from
  Azzi & Osta. On this day I decided to go for one of their classic midi skirts in lavender and paired it with this gorgeous
sequined ( and of course pink ) blazer, then dressed the look down a bit with those zara flats for a casual day hanging out
at one of my absolute favorite places in Mar Mkhael. Prune Bistro has simply become one of my go-to places whenever
 I’m in the neighborhood, which happens to be a lot since my best friend lives just around the corner. It is the first place that
 pops into our heads when we want to escape the overwhelming bars’ crowd and instead enjoy a long peaceful chat over
a bottle of wine in a cozy, laid back ambiance. And it’s definitely one of the first places we pick when we’re organizing
a lunch/dinner out with friends, or simply a quick coffee break +  a Pain Retrouvé  because we still feel guilty for having
 to skip it that other night over dinner. It simply is a Heaven on a plate! Now I could go on and on and on about how much
I LOve this place, but I think you might want to go experience it yourself to really understand what I’m talking about.

Bon Appétit!! 

Photos: Elsa O / Edit by me.

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