Oh my Love

Oh my LOve – Holiday lookbook

I’ve always been a big fan of lookbooks, but I think I made it pretty clear on here. I LOve that each one tells you a
different story while bringing the pieces to life, making you easily get the vibe of each piece and start imagining how
it would look on you on that special occasion you’ve been planning. This lookbook in particular is a bit more special!
First, because it’s for a UK brand coming to you straight from East London. A special place where I left a big piece of
my heart when I came back to Beirut. And second, because it is shot by one of my favorite bloggers whom I’ve been
following for so many years, watching her – virtually – grow and evolve to this incredible multitalented beautiful lady.
Last year Laura grabbed a one way ticket to London, hoping that it will be the right place for her. And since then she’s
been kicking ass while working on pretty awesome projects! It’s funny how we get to know some people just through
the internet yet always feel happy for them and for their great achievements. It is quite honestly a wonderful feeling
that always gives me a push to move forward and remind myself that if I work hard nothing is impossible.
Congrats Laura on your great work and best luck for whatever you are planning on next, YOU R♥CK!!

If you liked her work and want to find more about it, you can check her social media links here :

Website | Blog | Facebook | Tumblr | Flickr

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