Born with glitter in her veins

Born with glitter in her veins

Starring : Elsa O

Photography : Souzana Baradie (Me)

If you have been reading my blog for quite some time, you probably noticed my big love for lookbooks and how 
muchI enjoy sharing with you the ones that inspire me over here. Last year Bubblegumfashionface has opened many 
doors for me, and helped me meet so many amazing and inspiring people, both online and offline. But most importantly, 
it has helped me discover myself more, and grow while learning new things each day. One of the most interesting things
 I learnt about myself is my love for photography, which came naturally after I started photographing Elsa O for her blog

I never took any photography lessons before, it was a big challenge for me, but easy stuff are boring anyway.
So I started spending my free time experimenting with my camera, reading photography blogs and watching 
online tutorials. It was the best thing ever! And while I’m no where near a professional photographer, I believe that
what I learnt last year is good enough and a big push to learn so much more this year! So far the feedback from people 
around us and the brands we work with has been great, and I finally felt that I’m ready for my first photography project. 

When I told Elsa about it she was very supportive, so I suggested that she be my muse. Seriously, who could do it better?!
 And since I know she’s a big lover and collector of unique vintage pieces, I asked her to style a few vintage inspired outfits 
from her closet, because I wanted the lookbook to feel totally her. Normally we started working on this project as a holiday 
lookbook, but with the crazy work schedule last month and my sudden travels it was impossible to finish it right on time. 
But now its finally here, and I’m so excited to share this with you! And I just can’t wait to hear all your feedback!!* Please note that we did all of the above by ourselves. No crew, no professional lighting, or any other professional 
equipments. Just a few festive props, a camera, amazing outfits and an inspiring gorgeous babe.

x x