That 70’s show

Zara blazer, shirt and pants, H&M hat, Prada clutch, Brian Atwood boots, Bvlgari serpenti watch.

When I think about fashion week, the 70’s is definitely the first thing that comes on my mind. After invading 

the catwalks with bold and beautiful prints, swingy fringes, retro flares and floppy wide brim hats it proved 

that the 70’s trend is coming here to stay and I can’t be any happier about it! I’ve always been so fascinated 

about the 70’s era, the way people used to live and how dress. And although I’m not usually a person who

 gets too dedicated for a trend, I am sure that the 70’s will take over a huge space in my closet this summer.

So here is an outfit that I paired a while ago while being inspired by the 70’s, it has actually more of 

a modern days/70’s vibe which in my opinion made it even more appealing. That day I opted for 

a total monochrome look and decided to spice it just a little bit with this gorgeous red velvet Prada

 clutch. I love how this outfit turned to have all the elements that make it perfect! Black, white, retro

 flares, figure flattering cuts & comfort. I really don’t think you can ask for more. Can you?

What do you think about the 70’s trend comeback? Would you? 

I know it’s only Monday but I really feel like throwing an “Almost Famous” themed party!

Happy Mondaaay!

Photos: Elsa O / Editing me.

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