You know when you and your partner are expecting a baby, and you just can’t shut up about it from all the

 excitement? Well that’s exactly how we’ve been feeling lately, just minus the actual baby! As weird as it may 

sound Elsa and I are kind of having a baby, a baby project that we have been working on since last year! To be 

honest it wasn’t as easy as we expected, but we finally finally made it and “I Heart Unique” is coming to life at last. 


Since the first time I met Elsa O 10 years ago, it was pretty obvious that she was a creative person who enjoys being

distinguished and unique. Meeting again last year through our blogs and working closely together, we realized how 

much we both love to spend our free time crafting and customizing stuff. Being the kids of the 90’s DIYs and crafting

 pretty much highlights most of our childhood and adolescent years. But today in the age of high speed internet, social 

media addiction, Play Station, and all other distractions most of us seem to have forgotten how much fun it was to just

sit DIY and craft stuff all day with our family and friends. Hence came the idea of the “I Heart Unique” workshop event

 where we celebrate along with you and many others our love for DIY & crafting and give our creativity a fresh boost.

To celebrate our first “I Heart Unique” gig we teamed up with Superga and we can’t be more over the moon excited

about it! A brand that we have been obsessed about from the start, a brand that encourages uniqueness and creativity

 in all the possible ways. So thank you Superga Lebanon for this opportunity and for believing in us. I hope that you

 enjoyed our “Superga x I Heart Unique” teaser, a big fat thank you to Ghays Tahtah for helping us make this last minute

video and to my wonderful baby bro Daniel Baradie for the editing. We could not have done this without you both!!

I leave you now hoping to see you all this Saturday, for a day full of fun and creativity spent with us and the Superga

 team. You can now log on facebook and check all the details regarding the “Superga x I Heart Unique” workshop here

So come join us and bring all your friends. We are all so eager to meet you!! ♥

x x