Candle in the wind

Zara TRF dress, Grandma’s vintage platok (shawl), chanel sunnies and bag, iphone cover from accessorize, 

Forever 21 necklace, bangles c/o Elsa O, vintage silver rings from Portobello Market LDN, Zara booties.

 My Grandmother passed away from cancer when I was 10 years old. I remember loving her so much, she

 had such a beautiful angelic face that makes you want to smile every time you look at her. Smile with relief, 

a relief that the world is still in a good place. Unfortunately it is the good people who leave us too early, and 

I learned to accept life the way it is the hard way. Losing Grandma at such a young age, left me heartbroken

 for years especially that I couldn’t see her much before she passed away due to our move to Lebanon. 

My heart still aches every time I think of her. God! I miss her sooo much!! 

Last week my wonderful mother came over to visit me wearing this gorgeous Pavlovo Posadski platok.
 She told me that it was for grandma and that she wants me to have it now. It was the best day of my
 entire life, as now I can somehow feel the presence of my lovely Grandmother every time I hold it.
Thank you mama, you’re the best, and I Love you so much!

Photos : Hsein Kazma / editing me.

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