Baby don’t go

Bimba Y Lola dress, Azzi and Osta belt, Zara necklace, pearl bracelets, earrings, 

bag and shoes, H&M rings, Casio retro gold watch.

It really sucks when you get introduced to a shop in your city that you fall in love with, to find it later on closing down.
Bimba Y Lola is a Spanish brand that I got introduced to by my friend Elsa over a year ago. I have actually stumbled
upon it many times in the past while browsing online, but never really looked at it closely until Elsa pointed it out.
 Their beautiful shop, colorful pieces, clean cuts, great quality and super fun accessories made it all very appealing
to me, that it became immediately one of my favorite shops to visit when I’m in Beirut City Center.

 Unfortunately during my last visit to BCC, I went in to Bimba Y Lola to find it all emptying up. It is actually when
 I got this beautiful silk dress at an amazing bargain price. Of course I was very stoked about the great deal I’ve
got myself for such a great quality piece, yet it was pretty disappointing to find that such an amazing shop is
closing. I’m not quite sure if the reason is that the Lebanese market didn’t get it, or that the shop was located in
 the wrong place. Perhaps if it was located independently in Downtown or in ABC department store in Dbayeh,
it would have survived much longer. Having said that, I don’t think that BCC is a wrong place or anything, but
I do think ABC clients are more open minded when it comes to purchasing non-commercial, good quality brands.
Now I really hope that Bimba Y Lola will come back to us in a better way soon, we miss you already!

Photos: Elsa O/ editing me.

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