The way you make me feel

Zara top and shorts, River Island bag, Superga x Amlul platforms.

First of all let me start by apologizing for the lack of posts lately, the past month has been too overwhelming 

for me. After working my ass off for the past two months on launching I Heart Unique‘s first collection, it 

only felt reasonable to take a small break. Unfortunately that break wasn’t as relaxing as I wanted it to be, 

and with all the garbage surrounding my beautiful city, I’m left feeling wretched and uninspired. Luckily

 I’m leaving the city and heading south to my lovely hometown this weekend for a 10 day getaway. Hoping 

that being surrounded by my family, beach and the simple life will clear my mind and put me in a better spirit.

Now coming back to this post, I’ve been daydreaming about these beautiful Superga platforms from the first 

moment I had a glimpse on the Superga x Amlul collaboration. Being a huge fan of the Italian sneakers brand, 

I eagerly wait for all their collaborations, especially the ones with some of my favorite bloggers. I have to admit, 

as much as I Loved last year’s Superga x The Man Repeller collaboration, Amlul’s collection is my favorite to date.

 I’ve been a reader of Gala’s blog for so many years, and I admire her effortless exquisite style. But I’m obsessed

 with this collaboration mainly because it is too personal. It’s pretty obvious that Gala went back to her roots while

 working on this project, by using traditional Spanish materials such as hand woven raffia and colors that represent 

her birthplace. Thus, owning a piece from her collection makes me feel like Gala passed to me a piece of her culture. 

Photos: Charbel Saade / editing me.

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