Back, baby

I Heart Unique watermelon tee, DIY tutu skirt, Adidas Originals x Pharell superstars, 
SkinnyDip London bag, Garigie anklets.

After two months off blogging, I am finally back! But this time I’m not going to give you excuses and reasons
why I have been off. It just simply happened. I started my blog for fun and I promised myself that the moment
 I will stop having fun, I will quit. Luckily it was more of a short break, and even so, I feel like I failed lots of people
who believed in me and always encouraged me to keep going. So I want to take the chance and apologize.

Now back to the fun. We took these photos almost two months ago, when it was still boiling hot, which
 explains my not so happy face in some of the photos. I have to admit that as much as I love bright colors,
I wouldn’t normally walk around the streets with a neon pink tutu, but I thought it would be kind of
fun to take it out especially for this outfit and have a silly afternoon hanging out with my girlfriends.

Unfortunately summer is almost over, but if you still enjoy wearing cool funky t-shirts on those cooler
 days. You can still purchase our IHeartUnique tees at OddFish Beirut and online at

Photos: Elsa O / editing me.

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