How to : Get big beautiful wavy hair in 10 minutes

By reading the title, you must be thinking this is definitely a joke. Let me tell you girlies, it’s much easier 

than it seems. I’m not quiet the girl that enjoys doing tutorials, but after getting so many comments about

 my wavy hair and some people actually thinking that I go to my hairdresser everyday. I thought maybe

 it’s time to spill a little secret and share with you this super easy routine that I do.

I hope that you enjoyed this fun and easy tutorial, and have some time to try it out over the weekend. If you have
any questions you can always leave them in the comment box or email me at
P.S. When dividing your ponytail, it might take more or less than four parts depending on your hair
 thickness and length. Just make sure your locks aren’t too thick for the curler.

Photos: Elsa O / editing me.

Happy Fridaaaay!

x x