Share A Heart : I Heart Unique x MySOUK

“Share a heart : I Heart Unique x MySOUK”


Elsa O & Souzana Baradie


Charbel Saade

If you’ve been following MySouk on social media for sometime, then you probably remember 

the wonderful campaign they did this time last year, under the title #SpreadTheSmile. Through the

 campaign MySouk team were able to donate a generous percentage of their sales in order to buy

 Christmas presents to the children at the Children Cancer Center of Lebanon, and draw a big smile 

on their beautiful angelic faces. Inspired by their heartwarming approach, we hoped, Elsa and I to

 collaborate with them this Christmas through I Heart Unique, and be a part of yet another 

incredible giving experience. Because what is Christmas without giving, and sharing 

our hearts with our beloved community, and thinking of those less fortunate ones?

So we’ve teamed up with MySouk to bring you this super fun lookbook that Elsa and I created with 

the help of our dear Charbel Saade, where we feature a selection of items from their store. And in return

 MySouk will be donating 15% of all purchases made throughout this month to The Brave Heart Fund,

 hoping to make a difference in the lives of children suffering from Congenital Heart Disease

Our hearts beat up fast while choosing the perfect gift for our beloved ones, it beats up fast when 

we open the gifts we’ve received! Our heart is the most important organ in our body. So why 

shouldn’t everyone have the chance to have a healthy one, that can be filled with joy?!

Now hoping to spread the word about our campaign, we really wish for you to participate with us and

 share your heart with those in need. All you have to do is post a photo of yourself making a ♥ shape or

 holding any ♥ shaped object you might run into, and tag us on instagram using the hashtags

 #ShareAHeart #IHeartBraveHeart and #IHeartMySouk 

Thank you in advance for everyone out there whose supporting us.