Keep me warm

PITCHOUGUINA A/W’16 wool top and skirt, Zara scarf, Silver rings from Portobello Market, 
Adidas Stan Smith high tops.
A throwback to when it was relatively warm and sunny, took these photos with my babe Elsa O back in October during our first
 London trip together. But going for a walk in the park again today, while it was 8 degrees and mostly gloomy, made me realize
how much sun can affect your life in this city. No matter how much I love London, I have to admit the weather and lack
 of sunshine really get me. In the end of the day, I come from a city that has at least 340 days of sunshine per year.

Now enough with the complaining! I’m really excited to share with you another outfit by my dear and talented
Anna Pitchouguina, especially that I haven’t been posting much lately. This mixed and matched have to
 be on the top of my favorite pieces from her AW’16 collection, which was all sorts of warm and cosy.
The mixture of fabrics here, the clean cuts, and the hand stitched detail made it all look very appealing, that you
 don’t need to add much to an outfit like that to make a statement. I’m honestly kind of getting more into the
 minimal styling right now, and actually agreeing for the first time with whoever said that “Less is more”.

Happy day everyone!

Photos: Elsa O / editing me. 

x x