The Wilderlin 🦄

Wil.der.lin wool vest, shirt, cullottes and iphone cover, Charles & Keith bag, Zara shoes and pins.


I’m back with an outfit post and you can’t imagine how much I’ve missed it! Took these photos on a
not so sunny afternoon sometime ago, while strolling around town with my favorite girls Racha & Rana.
Who happened to just have launched their online clothing store recently, under the name of Wilderlin.
And while wil.der.lin might not be your typical online store, it will surely come to satisfy
the wild fantasies of your inner fashion dreamer, who is not afraid of being a trendsetter!

With the spirit of friendship and family, Racha & Rana thought they should bring back home
every wild adventure, through a selection of carefully handpicked pieces from around the world.
Seriously I’m so thrilled that this project finally came to life, because I know more than anyone how
hard the girls were working. And the amount of time the spent to make sure everything comes out
perfect, while traveling and picking the best quality pieces just for you. So show them some love
today, while getting to know more about them and their new baby through facebook & instagram.

Photos: Racha Taki / editing me.

Happy Monday!

x x