Mango satin bomber, Zara dress T-shirt and fringed plimsolls, TOPSHOP Mom jeans
Skinnydip London bag and stickers, sunnies from choies.

Pink it was LOve at first sight,
pink when I turn out the light, and
pink gets me high as a kite.
And I think everything’s going to be alright, 
no matter what we do tonight!

These lyrics from Aerosmith’s – Pink  got stuck in my head while I was editing these photos, and to be honest that is exactly how I feel about the color pink. So if Aerosmith did really write these lyrics, I think we should be best friends 🙂 I guess my obsession with the color pink will never ever stop, and if I could wear pink outfits all year long I would. But I feel sometimes I need to wear more grown up colors, so people can take me more seriously rather than looking at me like I think of myself I’m a pink princess. But honestly who cares? As long as you’re having fun, nothing should stop you. Right?!

Photos: Elsa O / Editing me.

Happy Monday!

x x