I need my space

Subdued polo t-shirt, sweatshirt and vintage denim cutoffs, Charles & Keith backpack
Prada platform sandals, vintage sunnies, casio watch.


Back in the days when Lebanon was considered switzerland of the middle east, Beirut was also
considered the capital of fashion. Unfortunately our little piece of heave could not keep it’s title until
today, due to all the conflicts and the economical crisis that followed. In parallel Dubai has been
booming, wether through it’s tourism or for it’s fashion scene. With many international brands from high
end to high street opening new stores there almost every week, we Lebanese fashionistas are left with a
very few brand choices here. That’s why most of us started ordering online or waiting to shop during
our trips to europe, in order to stand out and be unique. So you can imagine the joy when we hear
about a new brand arriving to our city! I mean online shopping is amazing, but there’s nothing like the
real deal. To feel the fabric, see the real color and try out the outfit, is a total different experience.

Subdued is an Italian clothing label that I got to discover just recently, and honestly I feel like I’m a little
bit behind, that I didn’t know about such a cool and fun brand before. I mean how could I miss it, when
it has my name all over it! High waisted denim cutoffs, crop tees, sweatshirts, backpacks, glittery
iphone covers, chokers, emojis and unicorns. Like, really?! Where on earth was I living?!!

Above are some of my favorite picks from their Spring/Summer ’16 collection, mixed together for that
perfect casual 90’s feel. I can’t wait to show you my second outfit soon, in the meantime you can
stop by Beirut City Center and discover the whole collection by yourself this weekend.

Happy Fridaaaay!

x x