Living like Spring break

Jump From Paper – Spring/Summer ’16

I still remember rubbing my eyes for a fair amount of time, the first time I saw an editorial featuring a Jump From Paper
 bag. I was sure that thing wasn’t real, but instead it was some illustrator adding cartoonish objects to real life models.
Reading the article, I found myself directed to their website where they reassured me that this thing is for real.
 Somehow looking at their products, I still believed it was all joke. Like how is it possible? And if it is, do they
 look in real life like they do in photos? How does it work? I admit I became a little bit too obsessed, that I
 thought I had to buy one right now! Luckily was stocking some at that time, and I could easily
get my hands on one. That quirky little piece instantly became my BFF, I was laughing non stop while carrying
it and so was everybody who looks at me. Unfortunately happy moments don’t last a lifetime and I lost my 2D
 bff while moving back from London, I admit it took me some time to get over my loss, but I had to do it!
Last week I stumbled upon their SS’16 lookbook, and it brought me butterflies with all the fun memories we
 had together. I am convinced that it’s a sign, and the universe wants me to have a crazy amount of fun again. Jump
 from paperneeds to be in my life again, and I can’t seriously wait to put my hands on that SS’16 backpack very soon.

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