Words unspoken

Zara oversized denim vest & milkshake pin, Monki tee dress, Charles & Keith backpack
Oliver Bonas bracelet, Chanel sunnies, Adidas Originals x Rita Ora superstar slip-ons.

I still remember the first time I went to Athens 8 years ago, I fell so in LOve with the city especially
 after visiting that part of town with lots of graffiti. I remember screaming from enthusiasm
” Oh my God, I wish our Beirut could be covered with such awesome art! ”

Luckily today and thanks to our amazing & talented local artists, many parts of the town are. As a matter
of fact, I think that in the past few years our local graffiti artists started to get even more recognition
 and appreciation, which is very refreshing. Even major companies and local bars/restaurants, are now
 hiring artists to transform their venues into what looks like an explosion of colorful, cheerful art.

While walking in one of my favorite streets in Mar Mikhael the other day, I found myself passing
by this totally stunning wall. I paused for some time to appreciate the awe-inspiring art and all the
joyful feelings it brought on myself. I looked around me and thought, with all the smelly garbage
 invading the neighborhood, and all the dust and dirt coming from that endless road work, there
is still some beauty around me and I have to be happy. Yeppp #ThankGodForGraffiti.

Photos: Elsa O / editing me.

Happy Monday!

x x