BFF x Raghunter | My BDW looks

You can see more photos now at Raghunter.


As much as I love wearing colors, I find myself tending to go to monochromatic outfits lately. 

It’s nothing new, as I always go through different phases, but I’m currently really enjoying this one

in particular. I’ve been on a shopping rehab recently, and believe it or not I haven’t bought a single

item for 3 months now.

 Mainly because I’m trying to save up, but mostly because I’ve found myself buying so many unnecessary

things over past year, and when you hit 30 you come to realize that it should be quality over quantity. 

Working in the fashion industry, it hasn’t been easy to avoid all the temptation, so I’m really happy that I

 came so far. I also found that working with a limited wardrobe gave me a boost of creativity, and re-look 

at my wardrobe from a different perspective. Instead of saying ” I have nothing to wear ” and go shopping, 

I try a new outfit combination that I never tried before. Like this  Zara dress worn under my London Boy

 t-shirt, the old H&M feather hat that I found hiding in the back of my closet, or my mom’s gorgeous

vintage scarf that was lost under a pile of unwanted clothes. So here are my three looks from the days

that I attended BDW, I hope that I inspired you in any way to go get your creativity out and think

out of the usual, and not be afraid to create your own style instead of just following trends

and looking like everyone out there.

Now to come to the most exciting part ; this year Raghunter was the Exclusive Street Style Partner for

Beirut Design Week, and they approached me for a special feature on how I would capture street style

 at the events I attended.To be honest this was the first time that I attempt in capturing street style,

but I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m really proud of the outcome of this collaboration, and absolutely 

loved shooting every single person wether it was my super cool stylish friends or the beautiful 

strangers that I was lucky to meet. You can now check the full feature on Raghunter, I really 

hope that you guys like it as much as we do, and I cannot wait to hear your feedback!

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