A palm tree on the moon

Forever 21 top, Zara skinny jeans and shoes, Chanel sunnies and bag, DIY velvet choker, 

vintage rings, Bvlgari vintage watch.

The main reason I got addicted to blogging, is the amount of amazing, talented, and inspiring people it has connected me with throughout the years. And even though Andrew and I go a long way back in friendship, this here is something new! Recently I have noticed a new passion in Andrew’s life, through his Instagram account, that is taking photos with his phone and manipulating them in a way that turned the most boring ones into a pop of colourful eyegasms. Believe me, when I tell you, you don’t want to miss this guy’s wonderful stuff on IG, and even though he’s not very active there as much as I’d like to, I hope that this can give him a little more push. You ROCK babe!

So one afternoon, Andrew and I decided to road trip to Tripoli. He has been telling me about the amazing place he discovered there during his last visit, that is “The Rashid Karami International Fair”. I remember I’ve seen a photo on his Instagram, and was in awe that this place even existed in Lebanon. To me, it kind of seemed like an imaginary set up from a Sci-fi movie, and I could hardly believe that it was real until I saw it. It’s such a shame that such a wonderful space in Lebanon is nowadays abandoned, and even threatened to be bulldozed in order to build a theme park instead. We really need to appreciate more beauty in our country, such a shame.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first outfit post in collaboration with Andrew, I seriously can’t wait to be back in Beirut and shoot more stuff with this guy! This was his first attempt at taking photos with a DSLR instead of an iPhone, and shooting a person instead of a building. And I’m extremely happy with the outcome, and can’t wait to watch his progress here.

Photos by Andrew Atams

x x