Change is hard

While some of us might embrace change more easily than others, we all have to agree that change is hard. Whether it’s a change in our habits, daily morning routines, job, hair color, style, etc. And in my case today, blog design. I have to  admit that for the past year, I’ve been looking at my blog and realizing that it became kind weak in terms of design & structure, especially that today all the major blogs have turned themselves into big websites and digital magazines, which left me feeling a little bit behind. And after a lot of hesitation and thought, I finally took the step and redesigned my blog. It wasn’t so easy for me to let go of the old design because I’ve done it all by myself and it took a lot of time and effort. But thanks to YouTube and online tutorials, everything has become much easier these days. And after a fair amount of time spent on research and brainstorming, I have finally found a design that is up to date yet still can express and totally fit the identity of my blog, that is minimal, clean and straight to the point. I’m so excited to share this with you today, and I really hope you like it as much as I do. I know to some it might not be a big change, but I’m the kind of person who likes to take one step at a time. And of course the new design still needs some tweaking here and there, but I just couldn’t wait to share this with you for now through my very pink outfit post. Happy day everyone and hope you enjoy the pictures!

I’m wearing a vintage dress, Zara shirt dress and bag, TOPSHOP shoes.

Photos by Tiffany Homsi.